New Project: ‘Tu Honoreras Ta Mère’

Great news everyone! According to Relax News, Gaspard has been cast in a new project named “Tu Honoreras Ta Mère”. The film which will be directed by Brigitte Rouan will star Nicole Garcia who has already worked with Gaspard in “Le Dernier Jour”. The film tells the adventures of a mother and her sons in Greece (Gaspard will play one of the sons). Filming will start at the end of the summer. Sounds exciting!

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‘The Princess of Montpensier’ Interview

With the UK release of “The Princess of Montpensier” this weekend, Gaspard and his co-star Mélanie Thierry along with the director of the film have been promoting the film. Here’s an interview (in English) they did recently! Thanks to Mélanie Thierry Fan.

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“The Art of Love” Trailer

Thanks a lot to one of our lovely visitors, Johanne, for pointing me out to this trailer of Gaspard’s latest project “L’art d’aimer”, a comedy directed by Emmanuel Moret which will be released this september. Watch it below!

ART OF LOVE from gregoire gitton on Vimeo.

I’ve also added screencaptures of it to the gallery, enjoy!

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Corner Interview with Gaspard

Back in March when Gaspard visited the United States to promote “The Princess of Montpensier” he filmed this very candid interview with French Morning while walking around New York. Gaspard talks about the differences of french and american productions and he also mentions how he really admires Leonardo Dicaprio. You can watch it below! Thanks to Quincy for the tip. I’ve added HQ screencaptures of it in the gallery so make sure to check those out too!

If you are located in the UK, remember “The Princess of Montpensier” is out on July 8th! InStyle has an exclusive preview that you can watch here!

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Gallery Update

Hey everyone, I’ve updated the gallery with a photoshoot Gaspard did last year and more pictures from Roland Garros. Enjoy!

In other news, many of you have been asking us on twitter if Gaspard has one. He does not own a twitter or facebook. So, anyone pretending to be him in any of those social networks is not him. However, you can follow us on twitter and on tumblr. I hope everything is clear now. Have a lovely weekend and thanks a lot for visiting!

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